Black Belt Youth Group


The school's Black Belt Youth Group is open to all Youth Black Belts. Classes usually meet on the 2nd Saturday* of each month from 1pm to 2.30 pm at the Hub. Social time is scheduled after the class.

The Black Belt Youth Group was created by two of its own young members, Mr. Daniel Hornback and Mr. Riley Hammar who presented this idea to the school's Board of Directors in the spring of 2013 to develop new experiences and challenges for the school's young Black Belts.

To date the group has been introduced to a variety of different self-defense and fighting styles like; aikido, judo, hopkido and the Des Moines police academy's self-defense curriculum. They also work on advanced Taekwondo techniques as they are of course Taekwondo Black Belts.

When speaking with one of the founders of the group he sums it all up as; "No class is the same as another and guest instructors are awesome, we are all young and excited to see what the world has to offer!"

Check out the article published in Tae Kwondo Times magazine .

This is an invaluable opportunity for the Young Black Belts to interact with other Young Black Belts within our school and to have the opportunity to train with our senior instructors.

*Scheduling of the monthly meeting is sometimes changed to accomodate tournaments or other events. Please watch for the monthly announcements regarding meeting date and guest instructor.

Youth Group Instructors

Master Roger Netsch
6th Dan
Master Netsch began his training with Two Rivers and earned his 6th Dan in December 2016. He teaches at the Indianola Branch is a former President and former Vice President of the TRMA Board of Directors. Contact: (515)249-1947 or
Ms. Vickie Hornback
3rd Dan
Ms Hornback began her training at Two Rivers Martial Arts in 2009. She is currently one of the primary instructors at the school's Carlisle location. She is a former Secretary and former Vice-President of the TRMA Board of Directors. Ms. Hornback is also an instructor for the Black Belt Youth Group.
Mr. John Hornback
3rd Dan
Mr. Hornback began training in TKD in 2009. He is currently 3rd Dan and one of the primary instructors at the Hub for the Black Belt Youth Group and has been since it was conceived in the spring of 2013. He is also the schools only instructor for Kobudo (Okinawan weapons). Mr. Hornback is a past member of the TRMA Board of Directors. Contact: (402)680-4749 or